Oneiro itane – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Oneiro Itane by Alkinoos Ioannidis translated to English

Oneiro itane – English lyrics

The sky turns on the lights
nothing will never be like before
the sun rised again

I wake up in the light i open my eyes i’m dead for a while i’m lost for a while
the sun rised again

And you are lost with your sleep, with a dream’s colorful swan
Sun, don’t rise

My soul is empty my room is empty and from my dream i listen clearly
Her sobbing is saying it was just a dream, it was a dream

You will come again when it gets dark
And the dream will rescue the truth again
I’ll be next to you

I only see you there my darling
There you approaching me and you touch my soul
With your wings

But you leave in the morning, I open my eyes and you die at once
Sun, don’t rise

My soul is empty…

Oneiro itane 

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