Over the hill – Monika

Monika, sings a rather unusual and unconventional Greek song called “Over the hill“. Over the hill is a song with English Lyrics. So what is Greek about it? Well, the composer, lyric writer and performer Monika, a young girl of 21y, who has managed to make a huge impact abroad with her composing talent and abilities.

Monika is actually one of these girls that in Greece were a little bit unnoticed, and she is still not as known as she should be, although the foreign music critics refer to the Greek “PJ Harvey ” or Lily Allen. The only thing for sure is that Monika is young, pretty determined to write and sing in her own way, following her style and mood.

Over the Hill is a song from her latest album Avatar, and if you listen to it, you will understand why Monica is considered “special” and gifted, especially given her age.

Over the hill 

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