Pame mia volta sto feggari – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings the song Pame mia volta sto feggari, a legendary Greek song which translates to Let’s take a stroll to the moon. Pame mia volta sto feggari is composed by Manos Hadjidakis.

The song Pame mia volta sto feggari was first heard in 1957 in the movie Ayupa by Greg Tallas, in an instrumental version. Later, in 1960 it was heard in the movie Phaedra – it’s the song that Melina sings to Anthony Perkins after their love scene. It was first recorded in 1958 with Nana Mouskouri, and therefore the first performance belongs to her officially, although the song was associated with Melina.

The video featured here is from the concert that Haris Alexiou gave at the feet of the Acropolis, at Pnyka in 1996, as part of Athens candidate process for the Olympics 2004. It was an amazing concert, illuminated by the full moon and torches; “Pame mia volta sto feggari” was a tribute to Melina, since one of her dreams was the revival of the Games in Greece – and we did get the Olympics.

Pame mia volta sto feggari 

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