Piretos – Marinella

Marinella sings Piretos, a famous Greek song that means “Fever” in English. This song is one of the best songs written by Akis Panou and has been marked by Marinella’s stentorian voice.

It’s a song about the fever, the agitation and the storm that comes with every new acquaintance that comes into our lives.

Every acquaintance comes like a wave and mess with our life, thrilling the senses. Every person that comes into our life takes a little – or more – of our time, intrigues us and makes us want to know more about him, his habits, his ideas, his mentality.

Every new acquaintance brings us a new dream and hope, although everything can go in vain at the end and be replaced by pain, fear and disappointment. Marinella sings Piretos with passion and her characteristic confidence and fragility at the same time, especially when singing about the lies and fake hopes born by these acquaintances.

Music: Akis Panou
Lyrics: Akis Panou
Performed by: Marinella

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