Poia nihta s’ eklepse – Giannis Poulopoulos

Giannis Poulopoulos sings Poia nihta s’eklepse, a Greek song which means Which night stole you in English. Poia nihta s’eklepse is one of the best songs ever written in Greek music, composed by Mimmis Plessas on lyrics written by Lefteris Papadopoulos.

The song Poia nihta s’eklepse is the cry of a man inlove who sees his love going away, and along with it the sun and his dreams. This is how we feel when we lose our love; we feel as if the  night fell untimely, the world is empty and our life has no meaning. And now for whom shall I sing..?

Listening to this song you can easily understand why Poulopoulos is considered one of the most tender “love” singers in Greek music.

Poia nihta s' eklepse 

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