Poios ehei logo stin agapi – Filippos Pliatsikas

Filippos Pliatsikas sings Poios ehei logo stin agapi, a Greek song which translates to “Who has a right in love,” in English.

Poios ehei logo ston agapi is a song composed by Filippos Pliatsikas himself and written by Lefteris Pliatsikas.

Poios ehei logo stin agapi is a song about love and loss, about the pain that comes with a break up. But what happens when the heart is still there, in love? It feels the ache of separation, and what is more, it hurts when the other half is falling in love with someone else.

There is nothing worse in love than knowing that the person you love is getting involved with someone else, and you are left behind to feel worse and worse.

Who has a right in love, to save me from her chains, sings Pliatsikas. Who takes the responsibility for all that happens in a relationship? Who is the one to blame when something goes wrong? and who can save us from being totally stuck with our feelings? No one else than ourselves…

Poios ehei logo stin agapi is a modern rock song with the distinctive voice of Pliatsikas who has marked Greek music in his own unique way.

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