Pou na ‘sai tora – Theodosia Tsatsou

Theodosia Tsatsou sings Pou na ‘sai tora, a Greek song which translates to ” Where are you now” in English.

Theodosia Tsatsou is definitely one of the greatest performers in Greek music; a former member of the group Bleu, she decided to go on a solo career and she collaborated with many composers and lyric writers.

The song Pou na sai tora is written and composed by Giorgos Michas and is one of the most characteristic songs sang by Theodosia Tsatsou.

Pou na sai tora is a song about lost love – how weird for a Greek song really…! However, it is a rock ballad, which gets even more intense since it is sang by Tsatsou, whose voice is ideal for erotic and love songs.

Passionate, deep and stimulating, Tsatsou’s voice gives the song an “underground” feeling (in the good sense), provoking the feelings she is talking about.

Where are you now, where are you wandering, come back… Words we would say to the person we love, when we miss him, when we know that his place is next to us, but still he is not here. What road keeps you away from the journey, What happiness quenches its thirst from your tears…?

Pou na sai tora is a truly great rock love song, performed by a great performer such as Theodosia Tsatsou. A great moment in Greek music.

Pou na 'sai tora 

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