Prigkipessa – Sokratis Malamas

Sokratis Malamas sings Prigkipessa, a Greek song which means “Princess” in English. Prigkipessa is one of the most popular songs lately. Malamas is a very particular and special songwriter and belongs to a new generation of songwriters and singers who are expected to mark an era with their personal and special ideas and concept of Greek music and Greek songs.

The song Prigkipessa is one of those love songs that some people adore, and some other hate. And this happens because it’s a very strong song, with intense and little unconventional lyrics – especially if you consider the fact that there are some lyrics like “It’s useless to keep account, it’s useless to be correct forcefully”.

Nevertheless it’s a very popular and beloved song, and it’s truth is what has made it so popular among different people and ages. This song is sung by different people, but Malamas’ performance is probably insurpassable.

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