Psahno tin alitheia – Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou sings the song Psahno tin alitheia, a lovely and relatively unusual Greek song, which translates to “I seek for the truth”.

The song Psahno tin alitheia is fast, rhythmic, with a perfect pop style that suits Helena a lot. It is the second song of her single, before the release of the new full album called Giro apo to oneiro, and was also the soundtrack for a company with refreshments.

The song Psahno tin alitheia is a dance pop composition by Helena’s fiance, Tony Mavridis, along with Yannis Doksas and the Swedish producers, Per Liden, Niclas Olausson. It is a song dedicated to those who are looking for the truth and love in their life.

Because sometimes, there is no other way than truth. No one can impose us anything different, when we have been brought up seeking for the truth.

Psahno tin alitheia 

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