Rachel’s Song – Blade Runner Vangelis

Vangelis composed the music for the movie Blade Runner. Rachel’s song was included in the soundtrack of the movie, but it was never heard in the actual movie! It can be guessed that the song was going to be used to score Rachel’s growing doubts about her identity. The track “Memories of Green,” was instead used.

The vocals are sung by Mary Hopkin and without words, she proclaims a whole language of feeling, with nuance and with power. We don’t picture the character Rachel as being able to sing, but somehow this track evokes her personality quite emphatically. It’s in the wordlessness of the voice, yearning and unsure.

Although the track may have been enhanced, the basis of the track had, in fact, been the film.

What is really interesting about the song is that Rachel’s Song became one of the most popular tracks of the movie soundtrack and was used in numerous commercials and themes, although people got to know it only by radio spots and the actual album.

Rachel’s Song is along with the main theme of the movie the most known tracks of Blade Runner, and there are a few remixes and enhanced versions of the song available in other Vangelis’ albums.

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  1. Beautiful, I dig this up, years later. This song is so beautiful, this song is hope, feeling, emotion, pain, love, lust. It hurts my soul sometimes when I listen to it because it is so beautiful, it reminds me of space and its vast emptiness. Humans overall, Vangelis did a beautiful job, this song will be my song, with me, till the day I die. -Jan, 1 2015

    • Belo comentário. Essa música é impressionante pela sensação de vazio que transmite. Às vezes chega a doer escutá-la.


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