Rudolf to elafaki – Kaiti Garbi

Kaiti Garbi sings a song called Rudolf to elafaki, one of the most known Christmas song also known as Rudolf the Reindeer, or Rudolf the red nose reindeer.

Rudolf to elafaki is probably one of the most tender and touching songs because it reminds us of our childhood in one of the best and most pleasant ways. Rudolf to elafaki is a cute song about the little reindeer with the shiny nose that stands out from the flock, chosen by Santa Claus to be the guide in his Christmas adventures. Although in Greece Santa comes in New Year, we can still appreciate the whole idea of gifts and of course the little cute Reindeer who has become a protagonist in Christmas days.

Lyrics: Martha Logothetou
Music: J. Marks
Performed by: Kaiti Garbi

Rudolf to elafaki 

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