S’anazito sti Saloniki – Dimitris Mitropanos

Dimitris Mitropanos sings S’ anazito sti Saloniki, a Greek song which translates to “I am looking for you in Salonika” in English. It is a song composed by Marios Tokas, written by Philippos Grapsas.

S anazito sti Saloniki is one of the most typical zeibekika songs, a manly song as many would say, since it provokes men to dance a solemn and manful zeibekiko.

It is a song dedicated to the city of Salonika (Thessaloniki, Saloniki), and to these people who have lost their love and are in a constant search of their beloved one.

Although Cypriot, Marios Tokas loved Saloniki a lot, and composed many songs for Salonika and its nice and hospitable corners. The common ground when it comes to these songs is the references to love and despair which live in a nice background such as the “underground” but very warm feeling of Thessaloniki.

S’ anazito sti Saloniki was included in the music album “Ethniki mas monaksia” which means “Our National Loneliness”. In this album of Dimitris Mitropanos there were many songs referring to Salonika, except for “S’ anazito sti Saloniki”, most of them written by Grapsas.

S'anazito sti Saloniki 

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