Savvato – Giorgos Mazonakis

Giorgios Mazonakis sings “Savvato”, a Greek song which in English means “Saturday”. Another laika song, about love, loss and loneliness.

Ah, that terrible clock of loneliness! What does time mean when we are alone and we long for our lost love? Days look like each other – empty and meaningless, and only get names back when something reminds us on what it they used to be, when we were not alone, when every second, as it seems now, had a particular meaning. “Wednesday morning, a little cloudy, a touch of loneliness”. And that Wednesday could be whatever week day: “Middle of the week, every night, I think of you and suffer”

With the song “Savvato”, Foivos with his lyrics and Mazonakis with his performance create a torturing calendar as a testimony of a lost love. Monday or Thursday, it doesn’t matter – pain is present all the time. But with the weekend coming, everything becomes unbearable. His clock is hauling and haunting him because Saturday is coming: “Every Saturday night I cry and I am nearly dead”, because that was the day when they used to go out and the day they drifted apart.


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