Sto ‘pa kai sto ksanaleo – Giorgos Dalaras

Giorgos Dalaras sings Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo, a traditional Greek song, which means I told you this and I am telling you again.

Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo has been described by many as a love song, although the truth is that it probably reflects the feelings and reality of the people involved in exile, people who left to immigrate to another country in order to seek for a better future and life.

Ships were leaving Greece between 1950 and 1960, bringing people to foreign lands, people who were leaving their houses in order to find a better life somewhere else.

These people were sending back letters and money, telling their stories at these new places. They were sending letters to their mothers and fathers, usually consoling and comforting them, sometimes telling them things that were far from real.

The folk song Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo uses common themes in the whole picture of immigration and exile, in a very tender and emotional way. The handkerchief that becomes a sail, is a common reference in Greek songs and art, reflecting a wish for a good and safe journey.

The song Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo is a folk song from Minor Asia and  has been sung by many singers throughout the years, including Mariza Koch, Glikeria and more.

Sto 'pa kai sto ksanaleo 

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