Strose to stroma sou – Nikos Kourkoulos

Nikos Kourkoulos and a choir sing the song Strose to stroma sou, a Greek song which means “Prepare the mattress” or “Make the bed”, in a free translation to English. The song was composed by Mikis Theodorakis and was sung by Kourkoulos in the movie “I geitonia ton aggelon” (the neighborhood of the angels) in 1964.

Except for the loving and tender lyrics written by Iakovos Kampanellis, what is most interesting about this song is its intro. When you play the song, you will be mistaken at first, because you will recognize the intro of the Zorba theme. It’s almost the same. Actually, Theodorakis was inspired by this song and then composed Zorba’s theme, enhancing it with sirtaki dance.

The movie where the song Strose to stroma sou was heard for the first time was a big hit at the time, since two major movie stars played in it, Nikos Kourkoulos and Tzeni Karezi. Mikis Theodorakis composed music once more for the movies, proving that he, along with Manos Hadjidakis and Stavros Xarhakos, were the most important composers of the 50s and 60s in Greek movies and theatre.

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  1. Love, love this song. Although I did not understand it at first, I still continue listening repeatedly.
    I googled the lyrics and sang with it, I fell in love with the song even more.


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