Sunday – Despoina Vandi Ft. Schiller

Despoina Vandi sings the song Sunday composed by the famous DJ Schiller. This is an important step to make some Greek singers more known abroad.

As it was expected and announced, the song Sunday is released, marking the collaboration of one of the most important Djs in the world.

Sunday” is the first single that came out as a result of this collaboration and is included in  Schiller’s album Breathless, and in the international version of Schiller’s album Atemlos. So far, the album Breathless has arleady released in Czech Republic and Slovakia and is about to be released in Russia.

In early May 2010, Schiller gave a preview of the song via YouTube and on May 19, 2010, the fan club of Despina Vandi, Vandiworld, uploaded, first of all, parts of the song.

The song “Sunday” is written and produced by both Foivos and Schiller.


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