Svise to fengari – Dimitris Mitropanos

Dimitris Mitropanos sings Svise to fengari, a Greek song which translates to “Put out the moon” in English.

Svise to fengari  or Svise to feggari is a song composed by Stefanos Korkolis, with lyrics written by Nikos Moraitis.

Dimitris Mitropanos is definitely one of the finest singers of laika songs.  Svise to fengari is a zeimpekiko song, one of the best songs that Mitropanos has ever sung, a love song about the aftermath of a break up.

Svise to fengari is a song about the person who leaves a relationship and a partner behind. What can be done at that point? Should the other person simply try to prevent that from happening, run behind the other, beg him to stay? Some people do that, some others don’t. Some people just let the other go when they see that there is no point.

But what they do is ask to finish everything, to put out the moon, the fire of life, anything that once meant something.

Put out the moon, so that I don’t see you leaving, so that I won’t call you back…
put out this star from my sky…

sings Mitropanos – this is what anyone who stays behind wants. To forget, to find a way out of the pain and misery caused by a break up, by the lost love.

Svise to fengari is exactly the type of songs that make us love Mitropanos in Greek music; it is a song for his voice and temperament.

Svise to fengari 

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