Erotiko – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings “Erotiko“, a famous Greek song meaning “Erotic. The song has a second title, “Me mia piroga”, which means “With a Pirogue”. Erotiko,  is one of the most distinctive Greek Songs, massively loved by the Greeks. It is … Read more

Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou – The Greek Singer that Mesmerizes Greece Few singers can touch so many souls all over the world, like Haris Alexiou, also known as Haroula Alexiou. A woman with a deep, throaty and passionate voice, a Greek singer … Read more

Oi filoi mou haramata – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings “Oi filoi mou haramata“,  a Greek Song meaning “My friends at dawn”. With “Oi Filoi Mou haramata” Haris Alexiou amazes us with her gracious voice full of longing and love in this song that she composed and … Read more