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nisiotika are folk songs from the greek islands

nana mouskouri songs from the greek islands

Nana Mouskouri talks about Greek Songs from the islands

Recently, Nana Mouskouri released a CD with beloved nisiotika songs from various Greek islands. The Album is called  Greek Songs from the Islands and some of these songs are: To louloudaki tou mpakse (the flower from the garden) with Haris Alexiou Αgapiomaste alla ( We love each other, but…) with Manolis Mitsias Mes’ tou Aigaiou […]

Mouskouri and friends new album

Nana Mouskouri – Songs from the Greek Islands

Nana Mouskouri returns to discography with the album “Tragoudia apo ta Ellinika Nisia – Nana Mouskouri and Friends”, which translates to “Songs from the Greek islands”. The album Songs from the Greek islands is dedicated to the Greek traditional music and includes songs performed by Haris Alexiou, Manolis Mitsias, Natassa Theodoridou, Elena Paparizou and Nikos […]


Melisma in Nisiotika songs

In some of the most known Nisiotika songs, such as “Tzivaeri” or “Na s’agapo inta thela”, the pleasing melody pampers everyone ears and can definitely please the casual listener, but the lyrics demand more careful and educated ear. The reason is “melisma”, a musical term that derives from the ancient language, referring to group of […]


Ballos dance of the Greek Islands

One of the most known and lovely to dance or watch Greek Dances is ballos, the dance of the Greek islands. Ballos is a syrtos dance, which means that the dancers drag their steps following the rhythm of the music, but it is far different than the numerous types of syrtos dances in Greece. Ballos […]

Sala Sala - Giannis Parios

Sala Sala – Giannis Parios

Sala Sala, sung here by Giannis Parios, is Greek song belonging to the genre of folk songs. The song can be translated as “In the living room” since this is the translation of the word Sala, but this interpretation is actually too simplistic. The song was created in Aivali, Ayvalık in Turkish, by the Greeks […]

Mes tou Aigaiou ta nera - Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Mes tou Aigaiou ta nera – Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Eleftheria Arvanitaki sings “Mes tou Aigaiou ta nera“, one of the most known nisiotika songs, a traditional folk song from the islands of the East Aegean that translates to “In the waters of the Aegean”. The origins of the song are not known really, but it is considered that it comes from the complex of […]

Tzivaeri - Mariza Koch

Tzivaeri – Mariza Koch

Mariza Koch sings Tzivaeri, one of the most touching and beloved traditional folk songs of Greece. Tzivaeri means precious stone or treasure, and it refers to the most precious and invaluable thing that someone can have. In this song, Tzivaeri refers to the people who left Greece and immigrated to other countries; this is a […]

Ela na pame se ena meros - Giannis Parios

Ela na pame se ena meros – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Ela na pame se ena meros, a traditional Greek song from the islands, which translates to “Come let’s go to a place”. The rhythm in this nisiotika (Greek islands’) song is fast and catchy, worth dancing and attractive, encouraging people to dance in its music; the islands of the Aegean have a […]


Nisiotika songs from the Greek Islands

Nisiotika is one of the most distinctive categories of Greek Music and Greek songs, referring to the music created in the islands of the central Aegean Sea – the complexes of Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Sporades. Other islands, such as Crete or the Ionian islands feature a different type of music, peculiar to individual […]