Ela na pame se ena meros – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Ela na pame se ena meros, a traditional Greek song from the islands, which translates to “Come let’s go to a place”. The rhythm in this nisiotika (Greek islands’) song is fast and catchy, worth dancing and attractive, encouraging people to dance in its music; the islands of the Aegean have a particular type of dance associated with these songs, called Ballos.

It was mid 80s when Giannis Parios released the album called Nisiotika, featuring traditional folk songs from the Greek Islands and most particularly the Cyclades, the large complex of islands lying in the heart of the Aegean Sea. All these songs do not have a particular lyric writer or composer, but they are the result of admixture of different musical elements and words that passed from generation to generation.

Parios made history with this album, and he established himself as the popular singer of Nisiotika, a genre that was suddenly adored by the Greeks even from the mainland and remote villages. Parios managed to make this genre popular as never before and it still today, his first album with nisiotika songs is among the top five best seller albums in Greece.

Lyrics and Music: Unknown (traditional song)

Ela na pame se ena meros 

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