Erotokritos – Nikos Xilouris

The voice of Nikos Xilouris in the magnificent poem Erotokritos have embedded in everyone’s memory as if an indispensable combination: the ideal voice of Nikos Xilouris for one of the masterpieces of poetry and Greek music. Who could anyway perform … Read more

Hilia Miria kimata – Nikos Xilouris

Nikos Xilouris sings the song Hilia Miria Kimata, a Greek song which translates to “A hundred thousand waves” in English. It is one of the most known songs sung by Nikos Xilouris, one of the many he has marked with … Read more

Sihna Roto – Dimitris Spiridakis

Dimtris Spiridakis sings Sihna roto, which means “I often ask” in English. Sihna Roto is a tender and somewhat nostalgic song for love written and composed by Giannis Psaroudakis. The song Sihna Roto is a modern Cretan song for a … Read more

Cretan music

The first encounter with the Cretan Music will definitely take place in some nice taverna in Crete, or even in Athens, during an organized Greek night or Cretan Folk Feast that you can attend while visiting Greece and the lovely … Read more

Astra mi me malonete – Manolis Lidakis

Manolis Lidakis sings Astra mi me malonete, a Greek song that means “Stars don’t scold me”. Astra mi me malonete is a cretan song, a mantinada, the typical type of Cretan songs, with the distinctive sound and rimes, the repetition … Read more

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