Astra mi me malonete – Manolis Lidakis

Manolis Lidakis sings Astra mi me malonete, a Greek song that means “Stars don’t scold me”.

Astra mi me malonete is a cretan song, a mantinada, the typical type of Cretan songs, with the distinctive sound and rimes, the repetition of verses and words.

Astra mi me malonete is a love song, and as most mantinades refers to the pain of the heart. The song is written by a Cretan man, Lefteris Kampourakis, also known as Kastelolefteris.

According to the story, he was returning home one night after a feast and he felt his heart heavy because of pain and decided to confide his pain in the stars. This is how this beautiful song was born.

Manolis Lidakis with his erotic and warm voice and the Cretan soul, is the ideal person to sing this lovely song, and communicate its meaning, the pain, the hopes, the love.

Lyrics:  Lefteris Kampourakis
Music: Lefteris Kampourakis
Performed by: Manolis Lidakis

astra mi me malonete 

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