Happy Nameday to Vasilis Papakonstantinou

Happy Nameday to Vasilis Papakonstantinou! The first day of the year, January 1st is the day of Agios Vasilis, (St Basil) in Greece, therefore, men named Vasilis celebrate their nameday on January 1st. You can read here more about the … Read more

Vasilis Papakonstantinou

Vasilis Papakonstantinou is a Greek singer, whose popularity and reputation are immense for the last 30 years or so. Papakonstantinou is the “rock guy”, the singer who despite his popularity never surrendered to the “star system” principles and demands, living … Read more

Prin to Telos – Vassilis Papakonstantinou

Vassilis Papakonstantinou sings Prin to Telos, a Greek song which translates to “Before the End”. It is composed by Lucio Battisti and the lyrics are written by Lina Nikolakopoulou. Prin to Telos is a very emotional and touching song that speaks directly … Read more

O stratiotis – Vassilis Papakonstantinou

Vassilis Papakonstantinou sings the song Stratiotis, a powerful Greek Song which translates to “Τhe Soldier”. This song is probably one of the most energetic and unique songs ever written against the Greek Junta of 1967 – 1974 in Greece. It … Read more

Stella – Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Giorgos Dalaras

Vassilis Papakonstantinou and Giorgos Dalaras sing Stella, a Greek song dedicated to women with the name Stella, who have their nameday on November 26th. Stella is a song written by Giorgos Oikonomeas and composed by Giannis Zouganelis. The first and … Read more

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