Fovamai ola afta pou tha ginoun gia mena – Vassilis Papakonstantinou

Vassilis Papakonstantinou sings Fovamai ola afta pou tha ginoun gia mena, a Greek song, which translates to “I’m afraid of what will happen for me” in English.

The song Fovamai ola afta pou tha ginoun gia mena sounds matching the actual conditions more than ever, although it was written almost 20 years ago.

It expresses this sentiment of uncertainty for the future, for what life can bring us. It is the sentiment that dominates the hearts of the younger people mostly, since the political powers decide for the most fundamental parts of their lives without  considering what is actually better for the younger people.

It seems that today people are somewhat suppressed, and not that into things; or at least used to be this way, until they figured out that the decisions were made for them, without their agreement, without their participation, without “them”.

The meaning of the song is that we can actually have the world we are dreaming of, when we decide to participate to the political things, when we decide to take action and prevent the political forces from deciding without their consensus.

The song Fovamai by Papakostantinou is a rather “difficult” song, with very complicated lyrics, full of deep political meanings.

Fovamai ola afta pou tha ginoun gia mena 

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