Ta galazia sou grammata – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings Ta galazia sou grammata, a Greek song which translates to “Your azure letters” in English.

Ta galazia sou grammata is a classic Greek song, written by Giorgos Kanellopoulos and composed by Giorgos Hatzinasios.

This is a song about love and lost feelings: I sit and read your azure letters … nostalgia and love in a few simple words…

The amazing thing about this song is that it speaks about deep feelings, love, loneliness, in easy words and a simple way. As simple as love is.

Waiting for someone to come back and wondering if he will come back is a heart wrenching thing, especially when love is so probing and demanding.

Ta galazia sou grammata is a tender and melodious love song, marked by Galani’s voice, although at the time her voice was rather different compared to the throaty and deep voice that she has today.

My personal opinion is that today Galani’s voice is much better, more sentimental and warmer, ideal for love songs, or songs about lost loves and pain, such as Ta galazia sou grammata.

Ta galazia sou grammata 

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