Tania Tsanaklidou Street Singing in Athens

Tania Tsanaklidou, the renowned Greek singer decided to offer a smile to her fellow citizens in Athens, and has gathered a few musicians – friends, encouraging them to perform Street singing in Athens.

It’s been a few Sundays now that Tania Tsanaklidou appears in Metro Stations, where usually there is a small park at the entrance, and performs some of her favorite Greek songs without a microphone or any other sound system, accompanied by a guitar, an accordion  or a flute. She decided to do so, acting against the general feeling of melancholy from which Greeks and Athenians suffer, due to the known financial problems of the country.

Tania Tsanaklidou wrote in her Facebook page that she, as an artist, has a responsibility against her country and the citizens, who actually love her and follow her the last few years. She decided to give the Athenians a small reason to smile and forget their problems at least for a little while. Tsanaklidou has already appeared at Evangelismos and Kerameikos metro stations and we are waiting for a new Sunday appointment!

tania tsanaklidou in athens

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