Teardrops – Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou sings Teardrops, a Greek song with English Lyrics written for her international album called “The game of love”, which was released in Europe, the US and Australia. The cd “The game of love” was a great hit and the particular song among the most beloved ones, finding its position in European Charts. Europe had already had a crush on Helena Paparizou since the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 when she won the first prize, thus it was expected that this album and song would also be loved.

Teardrops is written by Helena Paparizou herself and the music is composed by her partner Tony Mavridis. It’s a love song about a lost love, given promises that were taken back, and a life full of teardrops. This is what happens anyway when we feel lost and abandoned; sun will never shine again, while we are lamenting on our lost love, who is probably somewhere with a new “interest” leaving us knowing that it’s “Never gonna feel, Never gonna heal”

Music:  Toni Mavridis/Niclas Olauson
Lyrics: Helena Paparizou
Performed by: Helena Paparizou



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