Tha mai allios – Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou sings Tha mai allios, a Greek song that means I shall be different.

It is a song about a woman who decides to change some things in her life so as to overcome the person that she was in love with. Waking up in the morning, trying hard not to think of that person.. this is hard by default for a person that still feels in love. But being like that leads no where, even if you feel that you can never get over it. You try to act naturally, but you cannot. And then you reach a point where you say that you have to be different, to go against the fear, be stronger, stop being sick of everything and mostly yourself. Trying to be different will help you get over the person, rip him out from your heart, your mind, your every breath.

Lyrics: Eleana Vrahali
Music: Donk
Performed by: Helena Paparizou



Tha mai allios 

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