Tha patheis erota – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings “Tha patheis erota” a love song that was released in 1990 in the album”Krataei chronia auti i kolonia”.

Tha patheis erota is translated to “You will fall in love for me” in English.

The music was written by Thanos Mikroutsikos, while the lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou.

Tha patheis erota is a playful song about the signs of love, for the certainty of what we see and feel when we meet someone and see how the atmosphere is electrifying, how feelings are born and speak, even unwittingly…

Can you do anything to avoid the reality, especially when others are involved and it is not right to hurt them…? Can you hide a love that is being born in order not to hurt someone? And so, we get to the “you pay no attention to me, and you’re getting crazy”. But the passion is there and at some point, sooner or later it will be expressed. Simply because when love happens, you can not hide it, even if you are already in a relationship and you will hurt your partner.

The lyrics of Nikolakopoulou for the song Tha patheis erota are always realistic and influential… As if we talk to ourselves… Asif talking with our eyes to someone else, who understands but pretends that he doesn’t … The only thing to understand or rather to accept, is that love will happen …

The erotic voice of Alexiou is the best choice in a song that wrote its own story.

Tha patheis erota 

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