Thalasses – Dimitris Mitropanos

Dimitris Mitropanos sings Thalasses, a much appreciated Greek love song, which means in English “Oceans” or “Seas”.

“Oceans” is a typical Greek love song given its melody and rhythm, its lyrics and the meaning behind the lyrics. A lost love, a never-ending search for lost summer and beloved eyes, one life turned into memories and endless nights of loneliness and memories. “Tonight I will drink a glass of death to get drunk, tell me how can I live alone in the summers”, is an echo that runs throughout this song and throughout the veins of everyone and anyone who ever embarked to go “on an abandoned route” to looked for the lost one.

Where did that summer go, why storms and peaceful pillows were taken for granted, why not all words were said? How many questions to ponder, and how much more, new and anew night after night, memory after memory?! Why we need to lose to be able to understand how much we need “oceans, in your eyes oceans…”?

“Oceans, in your eyes oceans” is as reflective as sadness and grief could be: deep, unlimited, unspoken…



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