Tharros i Alitheia – English Lyrics

The Lyrics of the song Tharros i Alitheia by Sakis Rouvas and Tamta translated to English

Music, Lyrics: Dimitris Kontopoulos

Tharros i alitheia – English Lyrics

Whatever i ask for again i will find
and you are this (what i’m asking for)
hold me tight
come closer kiss me again

now’s the time everything’s there
let’s go together
let me tell you how much i love you
choose dare or truth

lovers’ bodies on the streets
they change shape, they change track
and you look but don’t talk
you make your own maps
in a borrowed time
you smile and go on
choose, choose dare or truth

i want to see you reaching
this hand on your lips’ line
to kiss it, i will get “drunk”
i want to feel you touching me
(i want) the body to reach the edges
to ask me
and to burst

Tharros i alitheia 

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