The Chariots of Fire – Vangelis

Is Greek music all about vocals and lyrics? Is Greek Music only one kind? The truth is that a country that gave birth to exquisite composers, could never claim that instrumental music – even with some vocals – is not Greek Music. What makes the Greek music Greek anyway? Is it the lyrics, or the origins and the heart of the person that creates it?

Strongly believing that Greek music is whatever comes from the heart and the music genious of a Greek person, we present here one of the songs and tracks, created by one of the greatest composers ever, who happens to be Greek. This is the main theme of the movie “The Chariots of Fire“, created by Vangelis, our Vangelis Papathanasiou, one of the most beloved and successful composers of electronic music.

The original score of the movie was awarded with an Oscar, making Vangelis the second Greek to ever win an Oscar for music, after Manos Hadjidakis, although not in a song with Greek words. Both this song and the entire soundtrack are included in the lists of best soundtracks ever written for the movies, alhtough Vangelis has created ever since amazing soundtracks for other movies as well.

Music: Vangelis
Performed in the Chariots of Fire  in 1981


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