The Waltz of the Eyes – Stavros Lantsias

Stavros Lantsias composes and plays the theme The Waltz of the Eyes, one of the most known themes – instrumental songs in Greek music, played in many radio and TV themes and opening credits.

Stavros Lantsias is in high demand as a pianist and arranger, actively performing with some of Greece’s most respected and acclaimed artists.

One of his most important projects is Human Touch, a group he has formed with long-time collaborators David Lynch and Yiotis Kiourtsoglou. In their first studio recording, apart from composing and playing the piano, Stavros expands his playing with drums, percussion and acoustic guitar.

The Waltz of the Eyes is sentimental, touching and reveals a sensitive soul. It is one of the most dreamy sounds that make our minds and souls travel in new places. It is a great song, a fine moment in the history of Greek Music.

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