Thessaloniki – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Thessaloniki by Giannis Koutras translated to English

Thessaloniki – Giannis Koutras – English Lyrics

It was on that night when the Vardaris (strong north wind) was blowing
the prow conquering the wave, fathom after fathom.
The engineer has sent you to check the boiler water,
but you are remembering Smaro and Kalamaria.

You have forgotten that tune that the Chileans used to play.
– Holy Nicolas protect us, and Our Lady of the Sea –
The blind girl is guiding you, a child of Modigliani,
the cadet used to love her, and the two guys from Marmara.

Above your bunk a lazy snake is sleeping
and the monkey is turning in circles searching your clothes.
Excepting your mother nobody remembers you
on this frightful journey of disaster.

Under her red lights Thessaloniki is asleep.
Ten years ago girl, drunk, you told me “I love you”
Tomorrow just like then and with no gold on your sleeve
you will be, in vain, looking for the way to the Depot.


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