Tis dyskoles stigmes – Natasa Theodoridou

Natasa Theodoridou sings “Tis Dyskoles Stigmes” a Greek song that translates to “The difficult moments”.

A typical love song that deals with the common subject of the lost love; Greeks love mourning and lamenting over the loss of love and the consequences it has in their life. However the truth is that any break up for the Greeks is pretty much experienced in the same way as described in this song:  “I will be exaggerating
I will be drinking, getting drunk, I will hit the walls, I will cry, I will laugh”. Greek are people of extremes and live their break ups fully, in passion and intensity, being a little schizophrenic sometimes in their reactions. Their difficult moments are to be fully appreciated – and they are theirs and only theirs.

The song Tis Dyskoles Stigmes is actually pretty realistic, describing the difficult moments of the people who come out from a break up. Whether you consider it an “easy” song or not, you can never claim that when you break up you behave much differently.

Music: Giorgos Theofanous
Lyrics:  Giorgos Theofanous
Performed by: Natasa Theodoridou

Tis dyskoles stigmes 

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