Tis ginaikas i kardia – Stratos Dionysiou

Stratos Dionysiou sings Tis ginaikas i kardia, a Greek song which translates to “The woman’s heart” in English.

Tis ginaikas i kardia or tis gynaikas i kardia is a classic song, a very popular song in Greece among men mostly, who have suffered from a woman. After all, in Greece we say that there are three things that can harm you potentially: fire, woman and sea. The same rule applies to men, we might add, but that’s the topic of another song!

Tis ginaikas i kardia is a laiko song, by Alekos Chrisovergis and Spyros Giatras. It was released in 1983 and became instantly popular due to the stentorian performance by Stratos Dionysiou, who marked the song with his voice.

A woman’s heart is an abyss; it can be the hell or heaven depending on her mood. Of course the lyrics of the song are completely misogynistic but since laika songs in Greece express the sorrow and pain, sometimes the lyrics are indeed heavy and condemning, so the last lyric of the song “never believe a woman in your life”  is just understood due to the treason and suffering. I am pretty sure that you will find many men who can confirm that…

Despite our rejections, tis gynaikas i kardia is definitely one of the best songs sung by Dionysiou.

Tis ginaikas i kardia 

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