To gelasto paidi – Maria Farantouri

Maria Farantouri sings To gelasto paidi, a Greek song that translates to “The Laughing Boy”. It is a song composed by Mikis Theodorakis, a song associated with the fight against the fascists of the Greek Junta.

On November 17th we pay tribute to the students that died in the Greek Polytechnic School of Athens in 1973, resisting to the junta that disrupted the democratic processes and established a fascistic regime to the country.

To gelasto paidi is one of the most distinctive songs of the time, a song about the death of so many young children killed by the fascists. Here we see a video from the concert given in Athens just after the fall of the junta regime in 1974. Mikis Theodorakis and a selection of the best singers of the time organised a concert to celebrate the re-establishment of democracy in Greece, playing some of the most characteristic songs of the time.

Maria Farantouri marked with her voice one of the most touching songs written at that time moving us and reminding us of these times even today.

Lyrics: Brendan Behan and Vassilis Rotas
Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Performed by Maria Farantouri

To gelasto paidi 

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