To ksero tha rtheis – Onirama

To ksero tha ‘rtheis sings the music band Onirama, a Greek love song which means “I know you will come”. It is a song about love that becomes an obsession and madness, so big that it can drive someone crazy.

Some people have loved so much in their lives that prefer to be by themselves, living alone if they cannot be with the person they really love. Their lost love becomes a myth and they live with the hope that they will find it again, somewhere, somehow. For these people, time has stopped and life goes with memories and an endless waiting, until their life ends without bringing to them what they have been longing for.

“To ksero tha ‘rtheis” is sung here by Onirama, although the original version belongs to Mike Rozakis who also wrote the lyrics and the music of this song, during the 70s.

Lyrics: Mike Rozakis
Music: Mike Rozakis
Performed by: Onirama

To ksero tha rtheis 

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