Trigona Kalanta – Typaldos Children Choir

The Children Choir of Dimitris Typaldos sings Trigona Kalanta, one of the most beloved Christmas songs in Greece, the Greek respective of Jingle Bells.

Trigona Kalanta is the song you will hear the most during these festive days; Kalanta means Carols, but this is not the official Greek Christmas carols, that children in Greece tend to sing when knocking on people’s doors on Christmas Eve.

However, this is an equally known and beloved song; it’s usually sung by choirs and bands in all celebrations and it’s one of the children favorite song.

After all, Christmas time is indeed made for the children, so it’s their time to have fun and enjoy. It’s also the time for their gifts, so it’s always the best time of the year for them.

As with Jingle Bells, Trigona Kalanta is the song to listen to during Christmas time. The Choir of Dimitris Typaldos is definitely one of the most famous choirs in Greece, and one of the best, if you want our opinion, with many albums of Christmas and other Greek songs.

Trigona Kalanta 

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