Vazei o Dutse ti stoli tou – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Vazei o Dutse ti stoli tou  by Sofia Vempo translated to English

Vazei o Dutse ti stoli tou – English Lyrics

Duce puts on his uniform
and his tall cap,
with all the feathers,
and one night with moon
he sets on to invade Greece,
the poor guy!

On the mountains he meets with
our brave man, the evzon,
who shocks the master
the spaghetti eater.

Ah, Ciano, I ‘ll get mad Ciano,
who ordered me to get in mess with the evzons?
He sets off the next day
but he hears again “Aera”
from the evzon,
he walks road after road
and jumps the river;
he knows the job.

He receives the bullets like a hail storm from the evzon,
and changes always generals, to get his work done.
Ah, Ciano, I ‘ll get mad Ciano
and send me quickly the black clothes, to wear them.

The new Napoleon sends
divisions of hungry men
up in the mountain,
only to meet with their devil
and our army drags
lots of prisoners.

And the poor Centaurs,
what a pity,
unfed and fainted
fall inside the water.
Ah! Grazzi, never come to me again, Grazzi,
because I ‘ve sat on burning coals

They run like crazy towards the rocks
and either from us or from the Allies
they receive the kick,
and without many words
the Greek brave men have entered Korytsa.

The khaki has entered Argyrokastro
and there now a Greek flag is waving.
Ah! Ciano, I ‘ll die, Ciano,
because in a while I ‘ll lose Tirana too.
And the poor have suffered a big disaster,
and Rome awaits its turn.

Vazei o Dutse ti stoli tou 

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