White Sails – Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos, the renowned Greek singer sings White Sails, a song that surprisingly became a big hit abroad.

I have to tell a small personal story here; one day, dining at a Greek Restaurant in the US – packed with Americans – i  heard this song. Ignorant completely regarding this version of the song, i stated that it’s a famous Greek Song called ‘Aspra kokkina kitrina mple” (which means White, red, yellow blue). To my great surprise, some of the American clients and my American friends started singing the lyrics of “white sails” being in a rather dancing and cheerful mood.

Apparently, as they told me later, Roussos is much beloved in the US and White sails is considered one of the top Greek songs played there. I have to say that i liked the idea – sometimes having a popular Greek Song traveling to the other side of the Ocean and having a second – and international!- career even if it has English Lyrics, is actually nice.

White Sails, or if you prefer, Aspra Kokkina Kitrina, is a hasaposerviko song, with a fast and frantic rhythm – especially in its English Version. We promise we will play the Greek Version too in an upcoming post!

White Sails 

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