With or Without You – C Real

The Greek band C Real sings the song With or without you, an amazing song in English lyrics released in 1999. Although it’s been 11 years since then, the song is still considered one of the best songs of the band.

Emotional and powerful, with lovely sentimental lyrics, With or Without you is undoubtedly a great ballad. Its lyrics remind us why love is always the solution… is there hope when love begins to fade away? Maybe there is, but sometimes we cannot find it on our own. We need someone to hold on, someone who can show us that there is hope in life, with or without him/her.

When the song was released the singer of the band was Kate Anderson, replaced today by Eirini Douka who also has an amazing voice. In this, original, version of the song, we hear Kate Anderson with her lovely, melodious voice singing With or without you.

With or Without You 

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