Agapi pou gines – Melina Mercouri

Melina Mercouri sings “Agapi pou ‘gines dikopo mahairi”, a Greek song meaning “Love, turned into a double-edged dagger”. The song was performed in the Greek movie “Stella”, one of the most characteristic movies in Melina’s career.

“Agapi pou ‘gines” is one of the best songs from one of the best Greek movies. And of course, the pearl of the performance is uniquely seductive Melina Mercouri with her deep voice that so vividly represents the core of the ancient Greek tragedy and love itself.

“Love, turned into a double-edged dagger” tells the brief story of Mercouri’s character Stella who longs for her freedom in life and love, far from established societal expectations including the marriage as the biggest one. She wants to love and be loved for the joy of it, not obligations. “I don’t see a way out, I can’t find a cure”, says songs, says Stella once her beloved wants to turn the pure feeling of love into the conformists’ pattern.

Mercouri’s cry: “Once you were giving me nothing but joy but now you drown the joy in tears” represents that doubled-edged dagger that takes her passion away from her. She doesn’t want him to see her pain. And Melina sings that pain out to the extent that you feel it probing your body!

Agapi pou gines 

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