Anathema se – Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos sings “Anathema se”, a popular Greek song meaning “Damn You”.

“Anathema se” is a cry sent out out of despair, weakness, revenge, who knows what not?! It’s also a song sung by Thalassinos with such a dedication to his own music and lyrics but to all left and betrayed hearts.

When there is a knot deep inside the soul, when we “want to tell (you) so many things but there are no words left (for me) to speak”, when we are forgotten and left behind by the one we love, tender and soft music of “Damn You” swings you to a comfort of knowing that you are not alone.

The sadness flows in “Damn You” with such an ease and comfort to the deepest caves of our pain that it seems that sadness is the most natural feeling on the Earth. Luckily, that’s just Thalassinos’ voice but it is here to offer the comfort when we “cry seas and open seas”.

Anathema se 

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