Fotovolida – Orfeas Peridis

Orfeas Peridis sings Fotovolida, a Greek song which means “a flare”. It is a lovely love song released almost 15 years ago and made an impact with the tenderness and sweetness of its lyrics. Fotovolida is a song for souls … Read more

Stella – Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Giorgos Dalaras

Vassilis Papakonstantinou and Giorgos Dalaras sing Stella, a Greek song dedicated to women with the name Stella, who have their nameday on November 26th. Stella is a song written by Giorgos Oikonomeas and composed by Giannis Zouganelis. The first and … Read more

More Than Beautiful – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Mihalis Hatzigiannis sings More Than Beautiful, a new Greek song from this beloved and popular artist. Mihalis Hatzigiannis is about to release his first cd with Greek – English Lyrics and we are more than happy to hear this lovely … Read more

Avgoustos – Nikos Papazoglou

Nikos Papazoglou sings Avgoustos, a Greek song which means August; it’s probably one of these songs that get us every single time we hear it, on the radio, at a cafe, in a concert, online, anywhere. It’s a love song, … Read more

To palio mou palto – Christos Dantis

Christos Dantis sings To palio mou palto, a Greek song that means My old coat. It is a ballad, a love song actually, although the first reading or hearing of the verses doesn’t remind us of a typical love song. … Read more

Imifos – Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Babis Stokas

Lavrentis Mahairitsas and Babis Stokas sing a lovely Greek song called Imifos, which means Half Light in English. Imifos is a song about the beginning of loss between a couple, a couple the at is together but also so far … Read more

Paei i agapi mou – Alkestis Protopsalti

Paei i agapi mou sings Alkestis Protopsalti, a Greek song about a lost love (how uncommon you will say!) which translates to “My love has gone”. We will keep saying it; when it comes to Greeks the theme of the … Read more

Ola i Tipota – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Ola i tipota sings Michalis Hatzigiannis, a song which translates to All or nothing in English. Ola i tipota is a popular Greek Song, with a catchy rhythm and lyrics, appropriate for Hatzigiannis’ voice and style; his music is always … Read more

Filakas Aggelos – Giannis Kotsiras

Giannis Kotsiras sings Filakas Aggelos, a lovely Greek song that means Guardian Angel in English. Filakas Aggelos is a very tender song, dedicated to those people who believe that love never dies, even after a break up. And the truth … Read more

Agapi – Christos Thivaios

Christos Thivaios sings Agapi, a lovely Greek song that means “Love” in English. Agapi was the main theme in one of the most successful  TV series in Greece a few years ago, called “O megalos thimos”, which means “the great … Read more

Maria Maraki Mario – Stelios Rokkos

Stelios Rokkos sings Maria, Maraki, Mario, a Greek song that refers to a Maria, the beloved Maria of his heart. Since it’s August 15th, the most important summer feast for the Greeks and all women named Maria celebrate their nameday … Read more

Mikri patrida – Pantelis Theoharidis

Pantelis Theoharidis sings Mikri Patrida, a beloved Greek Song which means “Small motherland” in English.  This is a love song, a song for deprivation, absence and incompleteness, but also the ultimate love that turns a sentiment, a person and a … Read more

Na eisai ekei – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis  Hatzigiannis sings “Na eisai Ekei” a Greek song which means “Be there” in English. Na eisai ekei is a love song, even though love seems to be distant and gone. This is what makes love so unique; some times … Read more

Oti agapo einai diko sou – Glikeria

Oti agapo einai diko sou sings Glikeria, a Greek song that in English means “Everything I love belongs to you”. It’s a love song with wonderful lyrics that touch your soul right away, because they refer to feelings we have … Read more

Fovamai – Mple

Mple sing Fovamai, a popular Greek song, a ballad that in English means “I am afraid”. The song is written by Mple and sung by Theodosia Tsatsou, the former singer of the band. “Fovamai” expresses, both in its melody and lyrics, … Read more

Dodeka – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings Dodeka, a legendary Greek song which in English means “12 o’clock” refering to Midnight. Just say “dodeka” somewhere in Greece and you will hear as an echo “not even one phone call”. Nobody will look at you … Read more

To S’agapo – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis Hatzigiannis sings To S’agapo, a Greek song which in English means “The I Love You”, a love song about people who are afraid of these three words… When all rainbows turn dark, then we see what it was all … Read more

Filaraki – Sofia Vossou

Sofia Vossou sings Filaraki, a very popular Greek song which in English means “Little friend”. Nights at the beach? Who didn’t have them? And somebody was playing guitar and some people were singing and you were singing along…”Filaraki” is that … Read more

Patoma – Tsanaklidou

Tania Tsanaklidou sings Patoma, a Greek song which means in English “Floor”. Patoma is one of the most beloved Greek songs accepted equally by all generations. Its tender but deeply sad melody takes on you from the very beginning like … Read more

Papaki – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Papaki, a legendary Greek song which means in English “Little Duck”. What starts as a cute, almost childish song, makes us smile, turns into a more troubled message of the soul that doesn’t care anymore about hope. … Read more

Na m’agapas – Pavlos Sidiropoulos

Pavlos Sidiropoulos sings Na m’agapas, a Greek song which means “Love me”. Both the song and Sidiropoulos are legendary themes for Greeks, especially for younger generations that are attracted by the sensitivity of the song and the story of the … Read more

Osa i agapi onirevete – Alkinoos Ioannidis

Alkinoos Ioannidis sings Osa i agapi onirevete, a very popular Greek song that in English means “Whatever love dreams of”. Ioannidis sealed one of the Greek most loved love songs with his signature. His music and his lyrics in “Whatever … Read more

Keravnos ki Astrapi – Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos sings Keravnos ki Astrapi, a Greek song which means in English “Thunder and Lighting”. When all hopes faded except that last one, the one that neither heart nor mind know how to call, here it comes “Keravnos ki … Read more

Den Eisai Edo – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings “Den eisai edo“, a powerful Greek song which means “You are not here”. Even if you don’t speak any Greek you know from the very beginning what this song is about. Suggestive and probing Dimitra’s voice coupled … Read more

Anathema se – Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos sings “Anathema se”, a popular Greek song meaning “Damn You”. “Anathema se” is a cry sent out out of despair, weakness, revenge, who knows what not?! It’s also a song sung by Thalassinos with such a dedication to … Read more

Den Thelo Na Ksereis – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings “Den Thelo Na Ksereis” , a Greek song which  in English means  “I Don’t Want You to Know”. It is maybe one of the heaviest yet most wonderful Greek song about love, loss and – love, again! … Read more

Ela pou fovamai – Natassa Theodoridou

Natassa Theodoridou sings “Ela pou fovamai” a very popular Greek song that means “I just happen to be afraid”. Ela pou fovamai is a song sung by many hurt hearts, that feel that the end is coming and that the … Read more

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