Antonis Remos New Album

Antonis Remos will release his new album on March 18th. It is a complete new album, result of his first collaboration with his new company “heaven”. The album is titled “Kleista ta stomata” which means “Mouths shut” and will be released along with a known TV magazine on Friday March 18th.

We have already heard one of the new songs included in this album “Kommena pia ta daneika” which is the Greek version of the song   “Meme pas fatigue”. This song was released almost 4 months ago and has been in the Top 10 of the radio airplay charts since then.

We are expecting the new album by Antonis Remos to see if the new songs are equally nice and fun as the one already released. The songs are written and composed by composers and lyric writers who have already given us good songs in the past. Stay tuned!

remos new album

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