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remos new album

Antonis Remos New Album

Antonis Remos will release his new album on March 18th. It is a complete new album, result of his first collaboration with his new company “heaven”. The album is titled “Kleista ta stomata” which means “Mouths shut” and will be released along with a known TV magazine on Friday March 18th. We have already heard […]

S agapo - Alkistis Protopsalti, Antonis Remos

S agapo – Alkistis Protopsalti, Antonis Remos

Alkistis Protopsalti and Antonis Remos sing S agapo, a Greek song which means  “I love you” in English. S’ agapo is a truly lovely duet, a love song you can dedicate to your loved ones on February 14th, or any day you want to simply say I love you. S agapo stood out from the […]

Ma den teliosame - Antonis Remos

Ma den teliosame – Antonis Remos

Antonis Remos sings “Ma den teliosame“, a Greek song which translates to “We are not over” in English. Ma den teliosame is one of the most popular songs in Greek music, released several years ago; however, it is still considered one of the best songs by Antonis Remos, since it expresses the pain of the […]

remos world tour

Antonis Remos World Tour

Antonis Remos is going on a World Tour to present his newer and older songs. The Antonis Remos World Tour, taking place in Canada, Australia and the US consists of sold out concerts. The schedule of the concerts goes as follows: Remos Tour in Australia 16/4/10 Canberra Hellenic Club 17/4/10 Darwin 18/4/10 Adelaide HQ Show 23/4/10 Brisbane […]

Etsi ksafnika - Antonis Remos

Etsi ksafnika – Antonis Remos

Antonis Remos sings “Etsi Ksafnika” which means “So suddenly”, a Greek song for the loves that enter our lives all of a sudden, they change the way we think and act, and then they leave also so suddenly, the same way they came. Nevertheless, sometimes,  being “afraid of  losing you suddenly” tortures and torments us, […]