A manly zeibekiko dance

We present here a manly zeibekiko dance. A video with a man dancing a “magkiko” dance, as we would say in Greece, with the soul and spirit of a true man. NOTE. The dance starts 50 seconds after the beginning … Read more

Anoixe petra – Marinella

Marinella sings Anoixe petra, an infamous Greek song translated to “Open tombstone” in English. Anoixe petra has to be one of the all time classic Greek songs, and probably the most characteristic song sung by Marinella. The song was heard … Read more


The famous Greek zeibekiko dance Zeibekiko, or Zeimbekiko, is a Greek Dance, one of the most popular and beloved dances and rhythms in Greece. It is considered an urban improvisational dance, following a dancing pattern of 9/8. Zeibekiko in Greek … Read more

Eimai aitos horis ftera – Grigoris Bithikotsis

Grigoris Bithikotsis sings Eimai aitos horis ftera, a popular and highly appreciated Greek song that translates to ” I am an Eagle without wings”. Grigoris Bithikotsis sings one of the most significant songs in Greek Music, a one of the … Read more

Vrehei fotia sti strata mou – Stratos Dionysiou

Stratos Dionysiou sings Vrehei fotia sti strata mou, one of the most beloved and popular Greek songs, which means “It’s raining fire on my way”. Vrehei fotia sti strata mou is probably one of the best zeibekika songs ever written and … Read more

Apopse thelo na pio – Haris Alexiou

Apopse thelo na pio sings Haris Alexiou, one of her best latest songs, which translates to “Tonight I want to drink” in English. Apopse thelo na pio is a lovely zeibekiko song, written by Antonis Vardis; Alexiou has already proved … Read more

Ti sou kana kai pineis – Poly Panou

Poly Panou sings “Ti sou kana kai pineis” a known and beloved Greek Laiko song, which translates “What have I done to you and you are drinking” in English.  Poly Panou marked this song with her characteristic and distinctive voice, … Read more

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