Asta ta mallakia sou – Tony Maroudas

Tony Maroudas sings Asta ta mallakia sou, a Greek song which translates to “Let your tender hair (fall)” in English.

Asta ta mallakia sou is a very old song, created in early 1950s, and is considered a classic. It is composed by Michalis Soyoul and the lyrics are written by Christos Giannakopoulos and Alekos Sakellarios.

The song was originally heard in a film, in 1957, called Ekeines pou den prepei na agapoun – Those who should not love – sung by the star of the film, Alekos Alexandrakis, with the voice of Fotis Polimeris, a known singer of the time. However, the first recorded version of the song belongs to Soyoul himself. Other known versions of the song are by Tony Maroudas, Nikos Gounaris and Giannis Parios.

Asta ta mallakia sou is a lovely, but very melancholic song; in fact some people cannot even bear to hear it, because it brings them tears in their eyes. It’s a song about love, beauty and feelings, but also the small span of life. Beauty is fragile, same as the spring and summer that will give their place to autumn and  winter.

Although little sad, this Greek song is considered the absolute classic, especially for people who were young during the 50s and somehow associated their loves and relationships with this Greek waltz.

Asta ta mallakia sou 

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