Atthida – English Lyrics

The Lyrics of the song Atthida by Aleka Kanellidou translated to English

Atthida – English Lyrics

Like a wind that on the hill
bends the oaks
You came,
how good you’ve done,
so much that I was asking for you
You refreshed my soul,
that desire was burning
From milk more white
From water cooler
and from the light veil softer.
From the rose purer
from gold dearest and
from the lyre sweetest,
more like music.

There has been a long time
since I met you, Atthitha
but then you seemed an innocent little girl.

You who charm the mortals, Aphrodite’s child
From all stars you’ re the best.
Like a wind,
Love tossed my thoughts

From milk more white..


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